Coping up with unhealthy food cravings at the time of pregnancy

Unhealthy pregnancy cravings are not something that is unheard off during the tenure of pregnancy. Just because the mother desires at odd times of the day or night you need to rush to the nearest store. There is a feeling that it would be a new experience of its kind but you might be overtaken by the occasion as well. Nobody is still sure of the fact why a woman does go on to have uncommon food cravings at the time of pregnancy. On the other side of the coin food aversions would be protective, and this is even when there would be no scientific data that goes on to state the claim. For example during the tenure of pregnancy you may not feel like drinking alcohol and this would be a blessing in disguise. The simple reason being that it tampers with the mental and emotional development of the baby.

Sometimes the woman may show preferences for certain type of foods. In the form of potato chips so that the intake of sodium would be ensured. This tends to distinguish it from the food cravings that do not arise when you are not pregnant. The golden rule to follow would be healthy alternatives for unhealthy foods needs to be avoided at all costs.

The best part about pregnancy food cravings are that all of them are in your head. It would be a result of pregnancy hormones. When you have hormonal shifts during the tenure of pregnancy it would intensify the power of smell and goes a long way in influence of food choices as well. It is a common situation that women who are feeling nausea or tired, explore foods that would go on to increase their comfort level. On a lighter note a lot of pregnant woman do consider this as a perfect opportunity in treating themselves to various sources of food which they are likely to avoid in the normal day to day life.

The precise point at this junction would be that the food cravings are not that bad. Most of the food that woman do look at are in fact best options. For example food rich in calcium or protein are the best form of choices during the tenure of pregnancy. On a personal level when I was pregnant my obvious choice was cranberry juice. You also need to be aware of the fact that pregnancy cravings does differ from one pregnancy to another. It may change on a daily basis as well. Do not be in for a surprise that the food that you might have had yesterday would send you repulse during the day. In certain cases with pregnancy the food habits go on to change completely as well. What you liked at a certain point of time may not seem that appealing in the days to come as well.

An element of surprise would be that in case of some women they might show an inclination towards non food items.

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