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You must have come across the term sleep apnea or CPAP therapy at some point or other in your life.  If you ask around yourself, you will find some relative, family member or friend with this problem.  Today, sleep apnea is one of the most common issues.

It is vital to have a powerful and durable CPAP machine so that the person with the problem can comfortably sleep. Let us first understand what CPAP is.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, as the name suggests, is the objective of this therapy.  This therapy has been available for over 30 years for those struggling to comfortably and continuously breathe while sleeping.  Through this therapy, the patient is able to deliver pressurized air in the air tunnel of an individual by fixing a plastic mask around the individual’s nose and mouth.

As simple as it may sound, usage of the instrument without proper prescription is not indorsed. The doctor’s prescription is inclusive of the pressure level and other settings.

The first step to starting your CPAP therapy is getting the CPAP test done overnight in the sleep laboratory.  Once the issue is identified, you have to schedule an appointment with the therapist to confirm a machine that suits you in terms of mask fitting.  The CPAP kit is inclusive of a machine, mask and a hose to connect the two.  Once you recognize the mask you are content in, you will be qualified on how to adorn it.

The purpose of the CPAP machine is to aid you in having good quality sleep with ample level of oxygen.  This will not only help you in getting good night sleep but also stay healthy and avoid any possible chronic disease from occurring.  An effective CPAP machine results in improved energy level, focus and positive mood and attitude, thus establishing a complete life balance.

Top CPAP Machines of 2018

Let us look at the best machines in the market today along with these CPAP machine reviews:

  1. Res-Med AirSenseAutoSet 10


  • Apt for the first time users
  • Stores data that can be fruitful for tracking
  • Auto setup
  • Humidifier


  • Costly

Customer Review: There is currently no review available for this product online.

  1. Apex Medical XT Fit CPAP Machine


  • Portable
  • Auto set the pressure increase
  • Lightened display, convenient for night time usage


  • Humidifier must be purchased separately
  • Doesn’t store data

Customer Review: There is currently no review available for this product online.

  1. Drive DevilBissIntelli PAP Auto


  • Pressure is auto adjustable
  • Level of apnea is auto corrected
  • Senses the snoring and auto-adjusts the settings
  • Silent Machine


  • Comparatively Expensive

Customer Review: There is currently no review available for this product online.

  1. PR DreamStation Auto Machine with Heated Humidifier


  • Offers Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Portable
  • Auto sets the air pressure and temperature
  • Stores data for tracking


  • More expensive than other machines

Customer Review: This product has been giving 5 star rating for its high quality

  1. Transcend Mini CPAP Machine


  • Compact and Portable
  • Silent Mode
  • Mask Options Available
  • Different Power Options


  • Higher priced than other CPAP machines

Customer Review: This product has been giving 2.5 star rating as most of the customers find it a low quality product and have been facing some functional problems with it.

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