Know The Benefits of Amla

Amla also is known as Indiangooseberry is found in the autumn in the Indian subcontinent. This fruit is sour in taste but hasbenefits so remarkable that it is widely used. Amla is an antioxidant and hence it has very benefits. Amla is used as the main ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine. Amlas are rich in very vitamins like vitamin C, Vitamin B, iron, calcium etc. it is alsorich in minerals. Hence it has several health benefits that are given below.

Hair Loss

Amla is used in the head can help maintain the strength of the hair and hence prevent hair loss. The amla supplies the required pigmentation to the hair that is required. It helps the hair to maintain color and improves luster. The antioxidant property of the amla supplies the hair with the required iron that prevents the hair free radical harms to the hair hormones.

Boosts immunity

Amla has antibacterial property why it is used for bacterial problems. Consumption amla fruit or juice prevents the body from bacteria and infection that are acommon part of our life. They increase the blood cells, which are responsible for a strengthened immunity system in the human body. They eliminate any toxin that is present in the body. They did allow any germs or bacteria to breathe in the body because of their antioxidant property. The blood cells are responsible for the healthy being of the body.

Improves metabolic property

Protein is one of the main requirements for a healthy body. A protein increases the metabolism of the body. Protein is necessary for the growth of muscles and many health problems. Amla helps enzymes to break down the food into amino acids and convert out to proteins that can be used by the body for a healthy life.

Menstrual Cramps

The biggest problem female faces since puberty are menstrual cramps. These are the most painful thing that a woman has to go through in life. These are the pains they are sure to have every month and could donothing about it except for just waiting for the day to pass. Well,amla can help you with this. The antioxidants that are present in amla reduce the cramps significantly. If they are consumed on the regular basis then menstrual pain can be diminished to a great extent. The minerals and the vitamin prevent in amla make the uterus healthy and avoid cramps.


Amla has a lot of benefits. Not all of them can be stated. Hence, the best way to know it is to try it yourself. Regular consumption of amla can help you with a lot of benefits. You can drink amla green tea regularly to see the difference yourself.

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