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Exercise is very important. Being fit doesn’t only mean that you have to be slim and within your weight limit. You must understand that it should be a holistic approach. It’s easier to do exercise when we are younger, but as we get older and as our schedules get crazier, squeezing in a time to go to the gym proves to be more difficult than it has been. When this happens, doing physical activities are getting lesser.

Wouldn’t it be more convenient if we can do our exercise at home? However, without an expert instructor, and without following a good program, this may not be as effective as our time in the gym. In Home Personal Training is not that hard to find if you know where to look. Your House Fitness from Toronto knows exactly what you need.

Your House Fitness – Who Are They?

If you are from Toronto and you are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle because of your busy schedule, Your House Fitness can help you with that. Gone are the days when you have to drive long and tiring hours to and from the gym and paying membership fees that you are not even using to its full advantage! Now, you can work out right at the comforts of your own home, using your own equipment. Your House Fitness have expert personal trainers who can come directly to your home or condominium, and help you get into your best shape possible.

All of their training packages will include Nutrition counseling, meal planning, and most especially their highly recommended exercise programs. Your House Fitness professionals to map your fitness plan for you to help achieve your goals. Here are the In Home Personal Training services that they offer:

  • One-on-One – $67 to $90 per session
  • Couples – $88 to $105 per session

Personal training is very important to help you maintain a healthy weight range and also improve your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health. The exercise program that Your House Fitness offers will also help you gain more strength and improve your stamina and flexibility. You will also learn how to optimise your nutrition and your total performance.

Why Choose Your House Fitness?

Your House Fitness instructors and trainers are all certified in Canada and they are highly trained and educated by different academic backgrounds including the Fitness and Health Promotion and Kinesiology. They are combining their experience, knowledge and their passion in order to provide convenience and quality results. With Your House Fitness, you are assured that your time with the trainers will be enjoyable and rewarding.

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