Best way to lower the blood glucose for a healthier life

Many people are eager to learn about the methods to lower the A1C level. You can reduce your diabetes if you are living with any form of diabetes. We are going to tell you about Regina Snell who is a volleyball coach, and she was very physically active. She ate whole food diet including meat and eggs. She has never been overweight. You will get the complete information about diabetes here as it is the best diabetes website.

She was very conscious about the health of her husband as she was afraid that he would develop diabetes because Type2 diabetes runs his family. When she was 44, she experiencedsymptoms of diabetes. She was not able to sleep for two nights because of the unbearable leg cramp during a volleyball tournament. She was in confusion about the cause of the problem. She knew there is a problem and she decided to go to the ER. She was diagnosed with over fasting blood glucose.

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The fasting blood glucose measured over 276mg/dl. Her A1C level was 12.3%. She was shocked when she came to know about this. She got admitted to the hospital. Doctor recommended her running to reduce the blood glucose level. The advice was very odd as she was very health conscious and she was very active physically. She was extremely careful about her diet. She avoided all processed and sugary food.

She was finally discharged from the hospital after 24 hours. She reached the home with the insulin. She was not able to find the answer to how she could develop diabetes. She made up her mind to reverse diabetes and decided to be stricter with the diet. She was diagnosed with type1 diabetes when she visited the third doctor. This worried her even more. She decided to consult the doctor about her food. Doctor recommended the conventional low carbohydrate diet to manage her blood glucose level. She started the low carbohydrate diet, but she found her weight was going on increasing. She believed there must be a better way to live with Type 1 diabetes. She started searching on the internet for the best diabetes website to live with Type 1 diabetes. After some time, she found mastering diabetes online. She began following mastering diabetes program with low fat, plant-based, and whole food diet. She made some changes in her diet, and she found immediate results. She increased her carbohydrate diet to 400 grams per day. She managed to reduce her insulin intake from 15 to 13 units per day. Next time when she visited her doctor, she found her A1C level decreased from 12.3% to 5.3%. Her cholesterol level dropped from 215 mg/dl to 124 mg/dl, and her blood pressure decreased from 150/90 mmHg to 120/70 mmHg.

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