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Facial Cleanser- Why You Should Use It

What do you use to clean your face? Maximum women will reply- facewash. But, that is not enough, you know. Facewash can only clean the dirt from the outside of your skin. To have a bright and glowing clean face, you need deep cleansing. Face cleansers do that to you. Once you use it, it enters inside through your pores and cleanses the pores well. Throughout the day, your face takes a lot. Dirt, pollution, and harmful sunrays make damage to your facial skin. Buying a handmade foaming facial cleanser is the best way to have a deep cleansing. There are different types of facial cleansers available. There are facial wipes that can give you instant result while you can also buy the liquid ones. Whatever you buy, you should buy it according to your skin type. Let’s find out which type of facial cleanser is suitable for what type of skin.

  1. For Normal Skin
  • Liquid face cleanser is the best thing for you.
  • Take drops on cotton balls and wipe your face with it.
  • It will clean your face from inside and leave a smooth tone on your skin.
  • Wash off with clean water.
  • Don’t forget to apply toner or moisturizer after that.
  1. For Oily Skin

  • Unless you cleanse your pores, your face will look gloomy.
  • Buy a water-based facial cleanser or something that cleanse your pores from deep inside.
  • This type of cleanser can lower the sebum production.
  • And you can have a fresh and dry look.
  • Oily skin means the problems of acne and pimples.
  • You can also buy acne-clear facial cleanser for you.
  1. For Dry Skin
  • Your face won’t mind a little extra moisture.
  • So, you should go for a cleanser that contains Hyaluronic Acid as the main
  • This can hydrate your skin and make it plump.
  • You should never use any soap on your face.
  • And always apply moisturizer after using a facial
  1. For Sensitive Skin
  • Sensitive skin means you have to be very careful while choosing any facial products.
  • Make sure your cleanser is not a fragranced one.
  • Always check the ingredients carefully.
  • If there are natural products, buy one with those.
  • Always go for elbow taste before buying it.
  • If having any irritation, stop using that and consult a doctor.
  1. For Combination Skin
  • This means your T-Zone is always oily.
  • Go for lotion, gel or foam-based facial cleanser.
  • Buy the one that is effective in maintaining the pH balance of your skin.

How to Use Facial Cleanser

It depends on what kind of facial cleanser you are using. If it is face wipe, then wipe your face gently with it. If it has to be applied, then follow the following points-

  • You can directly apply the cleanser on your face.
  • Take as much you want and apply that on your face gently.
  • Use your fingers and pat your face.
  • You can massage upward for better application.
  • Leave it for a minute.
  • Splash water to wash your face and pat dry your face with a soft

So, here you get what types of facial cleanser is good for you and how to use them. Now, you can buy the handmade facial cleanser and feel fresh after a tiring day.

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