The Easiest Ways To Pass A Drug Test

Weed is not like other legal drugs, even though authorities are starting to legalize and decriminalize it. That is the main reason why workers should be worried about whether they will be able to get employment because of weed drug test.

This is especially important for people who use weed for medicinal purposes. If you have problems with a drug test and you want to get clear as soon as possible, check the Clear Drug Tests website  so that you can find the best way to reduce the hassle.

Patients who use medicinal marijuana need to have a prescription, and that is the only way they will get recognition by the law. On the other hand, some companies won’t assist chronic users, which is why you should read your company’s policy before you decide to do anything.

Urine Drug Test

Urine is the most common and most popular way of checking whether someone has been using drugs. If the test gets positive for the presence of a drug, a medical review officer will decide whether there are justifiable reasons for the failed test.

If you have a prescription for certain types of drugs such as oxycodone or codeine, you will get excused and allowed both by law and company. On the other hand, medicinal marijuana doesn’t apply to these regulations.

Since weed was illegal to US federal law (click here to get latest information on federal marijana laws), some states still don’t allow the use of medicinal marijuana. At the same time, companies won’t let the use of weed for their workers. Occasionally state will provide a grant exception for medicinal marijuana with a legal prescription, but that is a risk you have to take.

It is essential to understand whether your company has regulations when it comes to medicinal marijuana policy exceptions. The idea is to do it discreetly, and if you don’t have this particular possibility, you should take steps to pass the test.

There are different techniques that people use to get positive results of their tests. However, most of them are ineffective and will only consume your money and time.

Attempts To Cheat Urine Test

When your drug test gets positive, you won’t have too much ability to make excuses. Of course, sometimes false positives happen, the chances that your employer will believe you are minimal. Therefore, you should argue about it.

Some people think that the best way to cheat urine test is to use the prescribed drug for acid reflux such as Protonix. According to the FDA label, false urine tests are possible while taking this particular drug.

Visit this website:  to find valuable information on FDA.

However, nowadays some tests will eliminate this particular possibility and leave your urine clear and ready to get tested. If your employer is private, then you should avoid using this specific technique for cheating.

Some people decide to use secondhand smoke of marijuana as the reason for their positive result. This is highly unlikely, and no one will believe you what happened. You don’t have to worry about that because you will need to be exposed to lots of second-hand smoke to get positive on a drug test.

You would need to be in a sealed location with five smokers for a whole day to get a positive drug test through second-hand smoke.

Marinol Prescription

Similar to weed, Marinol also features high levels of THC, and it is a legal prescription that will account for the levels of THC in your urine. Even though Marinol has been FDA approved medication, you will need to inform your employer of your use before the testing.

The best way to inform them is by listing prescription drugs you’re taking. Occasionally employers will not give you the ability to work while taking Marinol, with the justification that it makes you unfit to work. Therefore, you should check the company’s policy for such a thing before you do anything.

Due to technological advancement that happens all around us and the latest upgrades, testing is accurate and precise more than ever. This means that some tests will distinguish the difference between Marinol and marijuana, but you have to use this particular technique with caution.

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