Tips to cope up with high blood pressure during pregnancy

In 1 out of 10 cases a woman faces the issue of high blood pressure during pregnancy. If the blood conditions during pregnancy tends to worsen it is suggested that you follow the advice that is suggested by your doctor. To a certain extend blood pressure medication pregnancy would be of benefit but there are some tips at your own end to keep the disorder at bay. At the same time age related or genetic issues cannot be controlled. At the same time you can follow the below mentioned tips in order to keep hypertension at bay

It has been seen that women who are already suffering from blood pressure before pregnancy have more chances of developing hypertension. During delivery if you have high blood pressure a lot of complications could arise as well. if your age is above 40 and you are pregnant the blood sugar levels spike up.

A healthy weight would be more than ideal

Towards the starting stage of pregnancy if your weight is normal you are bound to have a healthy pregnancy. Yes you are going to gain some weight as the pregnancy creeps in. But it is suggested that you chalk down a weight plan with your doctor on how to keep the weight in check. You would need to stay in the limits and craft out an effective strategy in terms of lifestyle as well.

Keep away from alcohol and smoking

As per the inputs of your doctor a moderate amount of alcohol consumption might be ok, but it is suggested that you completely ditch off both smoking and alcohol as they prove out to be bad habits.

Restrict the consumption of excess salt

If there is an increase in the intake of salt it could spike up the blood sugar levels. Ideally you should need to limit your salt intake to around 1500 mg and at the same time it is ok to consume 2400 mg. do check out the labels of the food you are consuming and the key is to have salt within the prescribed limits.

Keep involved in various physical activities

If you indulge in light physical activities like walking or yoga it does help you to be physically active. For sure it does go on to reduce the chances of hypertension occurring during the tenure of pregnancy.

Be ready with the prenatal visits

For a specific reason there does exist prenatal visits. Make it a point that you follow them. If something is not on track you can figure it out as well.

Reduction of stress

With stress your blood sugar levels could spike up. You need to learn relaxation methods which does keep stress at bay and this could be in the form of breathing exercises.

Other tips

  • During the tenure of pregnancy herbalism could be of immense help. At the same time do consult a herbalist for individual advice. If you consume garlic the chances of blood pressure reducing are immense.
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