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Why Cellulitis Isn’t Contagious

Contagious refers to the term of something that when you get in contact with will most likely put you at risk in getting the same disease, condition or infection. There are many contagious diseases, condition or infection but cellulitis isn’t one even if its exposed to the bacteria like what most people think. But the question is, why is that cellulitis isn’t contagious? There are already a lot of bacterial infections out there that is infectious so why is it not infectious?

Cellulitis, as you have known, is caused by a bacteria. Bacteria that got into an open wound before it closed and caused the damage. No matter how small the skin break is, it can potentially be invaded by the bacteria that caused cellulitis namely Streptococcus and Staphylococcus bacteria. But what makes it unique anyway that made it non-infectious when other infections where those bacterias were involved were contagious or infectious?

cellulitis contagious

Its not a virus: A virus is contagious and are mostly airborne and droplet nuclei in form. Although the virus is very strange, its self-limiting and its in its nature to be contagious during the onset and especially during the remissions. Bacterias in nature doesn’t work that way, they invade, they grow and do damage and if they are in a place where the cant be contagious then they won’t be especially if it were inside a closed skin where they can’t get out of the body and the only way to get out is by going inside of the body to invade.

Its not in a position where it can be contagious: As mentioned, they are not in a position where they can be spread because they are enclosed inside your body. If they were the cause of an STI lung infection then that would be an entirely different story since they have the vehicle to be released by the body.

Your immunity and your hygiene practices helps: The immunity and hygiene are not really the reason why its not contagious but you have to consider that even if you are exposed to the bacteria that caused cellulitis, it still can’t easily invade especially if the bacteria is just very small. They have to be a lot to overpower your immune system and since most people as a practice cleans their wounds and disinfects them, it can already be prevented.

Although the bacterias that causes cellulitis can be contagious in their own right of they infect a certain place in the body like the lungs and so on, in the case of cellulitis its not because the bacteria is enclosed inside of the skin and more importantly Its not a virus that can be contagious no matter where it infects. So if there are people that will ask you “is cellulitis contagious?” then you got an answer.

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