Your Toddlers First Dentist Visit And How To Prepare Them

Your toddler’s first dentist visit can be traumatizing. They might keep crying the whole time, which will make it difficult not only for the doctor but also you. Preparing them for a visit might take a little extra work than you think. If you thought a bribe will solve the issue, then it won’t.

Making sure that you take your child to a family dentist such as Little Green Building in Toronto will ensure they feel comfortable and the dental clinic is prepared to work with toddlers. Before we go on to prepare your toddler for their first dentist visit, you should know what to expect from it.

The visit is more of a check-up appointment to check how well their teeth are growing and if there’s any decay. Usually, you should take your toddler at around 18 months of age. Since your child is now eating a lot of different things, their pearly whites are more susceptible to decay.

The dentist will ask you questions about your toddler’s nutrition and feeding pattern. If your child is still bottle feeding, you can ask the doctor ways to make him drop the habit as it can cause palate changes and tooth decay.

The Top 4 ways to prepare your toddler for their first dentist visit:

Before you take your child to their first dentist appointment, it is important to make them feel comfortable. While going to a dental clinic that has a play area for kids can help, here are a few other things that you can do on your own too.

  1. Play dentist-patient

The best way to prepare your toddler is by playing a dentist playset, which is easily available in the market. Make your toddler the doctor, so that they are in control and aren’t as terrified of the tools.

  1. Read books on teeth and dentists

Start reading several books on teeth and dentists to your toddler two to three weeks before the appointment. It will help them become comfortable during the visit. Also, if you have an elder child, you can tell your toddler that their sister or brother had to visit and they had a lot of fun.

  1. Create expectations

Tell your child what will happen at the dentist’s office and how they will get to sit in a special chair. Explain to them why they need to go to the dentist and how regular checkup will keep their teeth healthy, white, and strong.

  1. Tell them you’ll be there

You can tell your toddler that they can hold your hand at all times at the dentist’s office. They won’t feel scared of meeting new people, especially the one in the white coat. Also, promise them that you’ll take them to get a treat once the appointment is done.

Your child will get nervous but don’t get anxious about it. Keep your calm and distract them, so it less stressful for everyone in the room.

Make your toddlers first dental visit an easy one, to ensure that they don’t fear to go to one as they grow up.

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