A Comprehensive Dental Care Facility Can Help You Fully Restore Your Smile

One important part of maintaining good oral health is seeing your dentist Broomfield CO twice each year. By getting a teeth cleaning and exam every six months, your dentist will be able to catch problems early. He may even be able to identify problems with your oral care practices that you can change to prevent future instances of tooth decay and gum disease. It’s this type of teamwork that can help you keep your smile looking bright and healthy.

Depending on your situation, you may already have dental problems that will need addressing in the near future. Often, one problem can require multiple types of treatment. For example, a missing tooth does more than just create an unattractive gap. It opens the gum tissue up to bacterial infection and risks bone loss in the jaw. Simultaneously, the gap can cause the surrounding teeth to shift and may cause an overbite to form. Fixing these various problems will likely require getting a dental implant and crown, followed by wearing corrective devices, such as braces or a retainer.

Unfortunately, many dentists operating smaller practices don’t offer orthodontic services, so you would have to look for a good orthodontist, as well. Once your implant was in place, you would then see the orthodontist to get your braces or other corrective devices. However, a full-service dental care facility can provide all services in the same place. This means you may not have to obtain referrals and sign up to be on a waitlist with a new facility. It also means you’ll already be familiar with the staff, so it will be a less stressful situation.

From standard cleaning and exams to more intensive treatments, a full-service dental care facility can provide you the services you need. A fully trained and experienced staff will be prepared to provide you with the oral care you need to restore and maintain a healthy smile. Keeping your teeth healthy will help you eat the foods you enjoy, speak more fluently, and help you keep a smile you’ll be proud to show.

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