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Vitamins are medicines for the hopeless soul!!


In this article, we are talking about vitamins, types of the vitamin. Vitamin is a group of organic substance that helps in the growth of the human body and animals body.Every vitamin has a different structure. In all vitamin, there is no common chemical grouping.The chemical grouping is known as synthesized. The amount of vitamin should be in limit which consumed by the body for the proper growth.Vitamins are soluble in water and fat.Vitamins have a different biochemical function.Vitamins have different types of organic substance like calcium,iron,and zinc.Vitamins have no energy but its help in regulated in the body.Thebodycannotbemade vitamins that’s the reason why you should give vitamins in the diet. To know more about this in brief stay connect with this.

Types of vitamin

There are many types of vitamin which are important for our body. You also can classify the vitamins according to the chemical names.Vitamin D has two part witamina d3 k2. Vitamin D3 is called cholecalciferol and vitamin K2 is calledergocalciferol. And vitaminK is also two types one is K1 and K2. K1 is oil purified from alfalfa concentrates and K2 is synthesized by bacteria.

The needforD3 and K2

Vitamins are necessary for the growth of the body and the maintenance of cell and tissues.Due to the leak of vitamins in the body different types of disease are occurring in the body.Some of the diseases like night blindness, beriberi,pellagra,anemia,scurvy,rickets etc. You can overcome this disease by eating proper food, vegetable,fruit,meat, fish etc. Vitamins and minerals are essential for the body to help in growth in bones,woundsand immune system and its also help in convert food in energy and repair cellular damage.Vitamin D helps in bone growth.For better vitamins gets you have eaten different types of food like apple,apricots, banana,cherries, grapes, kiwi etc. For better energy, you should take vitamink2 and vitamin d3 regulating calcium and phosphorus for the strength of the immune system and also help in the muscular system. Vitamin k2 take care of prevents the occurrence of heartdiseases.


As you know that health is wealth. If you want to remain healthy take the proper diet. So in food, the above-mentioned medicine is important. Try to follow the daily routine of taking that capsule along with your food. If you want some more information about it then kindly check out the online website of them. It is your earnest duty to remain healthy. No one else will come and comfort your behavior of laziness. So try to overcome from laziness and have sufficient nutrients food and take capsules ona daily basis

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