Am I A Candidate for Invisalign?

There is a growing trend for Invisalign orthodontic devices because not only have they shown success in straightening crooked teeth, they are also transparent. Unlike regular braces that are visible and a comparatively unattractive with the metal appliances, this new system adjusts the teeth without reducing your mouth’s aesthetic value. You can smile confidently and show off your pearly whites without feeling self conscious about the attachments.

However, Invisalign is not for everyone. According to Pitner Orthodontics, the factors by which an orthodontist will recommend this type retainer-like treatment are largely related to the type of problem you want to fix. These include crowded teeth, underbites, overbites, crossbites, open bites, and gap teeth. It can also be applied if you just want generally straighter teeth.

Is Invisalign what you need? Here are some questions you should ask.

  1. How old are you?

The ideal age for Invisalign starts at the late teens to adulthood. Kids and younger teens are not the best candidates because their teeth are still developing. In addition, older teens, who are more conscious about their appearance and social life, do not really sit well with the traditional metal braces for aesthetic reasons. The transparency of Invisalign benefits adults who are already working and moving in more formal environments and teens who are becoming more socially conscious.

  • What needs to be fixed?


Invisalign is all right if the alignment problem is not too severe. This is biggest determining factor for being considered a candidate for this procedure. If you have large overbites, you will need more advanced systems that will require shifting your jaw to correct. If such is the case, your orthodontist will recommend clear braces or traditional metals.

  1. Are you truly dedicated to fixing your smile?

Invisalign is more than just a way of fixing your teeth and smile—it’s a commitment to follow the rules of treatment to achieve your desired goal. For one, Invisalign has to be removed every time you eat and drink, except water. When not consuming anything, you are required to wear your appliance for at least 22 hours each day. Some orthos recommend that patients immediately put on their retainers after taking the Invisalign off. The procedure will only work if you stick to the protocol.

  1. Have you undergone the Smile Assessment Test?

An Invisalign Smile Assessment Test is the basic test that will determine your compatibility with the treatment. It’s free and can be done online. You will be asked to answer a series of questions about yourself and what you want to fix on your teeth. It is important to note that this online assessment tool is not a substitute for an actual dentist’s visit. You should set up a consultation with an ortho who performs Invisalign if your Smile Assessment Test turns out positive.

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