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Can Tea Help You Lose Weight?

People from all around the world love to indulge in a good cup of tea, and many varieties are available in the market. It ranges from white, black, green to oolong tea. All the variants have naturally high amounts of health-promoting substances that are known as flavonoids. These compounds bring down any inflammation and help protect against heart diseases and diabetes. For more information about health teas, you can check here.

However, many people are still skeptical about teas and their role in effective weight loss. Well, a cup of herbal brew every day, won’t magically make you fit in your skinny jeans; but research does suggest that tea can help you lose weight gradually if paired with consistent exercise and a healthy nutritious diet. Think of it this way; if you swap your morning latte for a cup of green tea with lemon, you will cut down on at least 300 calories every day.

As mentioned before teas have flavonoids, these are also called catechins that can boost metabolism and help your body break down fats quickly; drinks also have a right amount of caffeine that can serve as natural energy boosters and also burn more calories. When you put these two compounds together, you will witness the right amount of weight loss.

Once you begin to see progress in your weight loss, don’t stop drinking the tea because it will keep your metabolism from slowing down; this is common after you manage to shed a few pounds.

All tea types come from the same leaf; the variants are derived by how they are processed, listed below are the various teas and how they can help you manage your weight:

Black Tea:

This tea is trendy in the Asian culture; for this tea, the leaves are fermented, and the process allows it to change chemically and increase the caffeine levels. Black tea tends to have a strong flavor, and it has polyphenols that help block fat from being absorbed in the intestines.

Green Tea:

Green tea isn’t fermented; the leaves are steamed and crushed by hand. It’s quite high in EGCG, that is the most potent type of catechin. Studies have shown that people who have green tea consistently have lost a fair amount of weight. However, it is wise to indulge in at least two cups a day, more than that can cause liver damage. So, drink the beverage in moderation.

Oolong Tea:

This tea is made by drying the leaves in the hot sun. Just like green tea, Oolong is a rich source of catechins, studies have also shown that by drinking two cups of Oolong tea every day you can lose a significant amount of weight as well.

White Tea:

This tea is processed the least, out of all the variants. Hence, it has beautiful light and sweet flavor, but it is still unclear whether the tea contributes to weight loss as much as the other variants.

In conclusion, if you love starting your day with a good steaming cup of tea, then you are on the right path of weight loss. Ensure that you also keep a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet and exercise; for more information check here.

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