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What are the causes of your hair fall?

Hair fall is very common and it can cause to any person at any age. You will get Ketomac shampoo price in India reasonable to solve your hair fall problem. There are many reasons for your hair fall and some of these are given here.

Deficiency of nutritional element

Sometimes, you can miss a few kinds of nutrients in your diet like iron, zinc, copper, and proteins and this can cause your hair fall. Due to lack of vitamin D can be another cause of your hair fall. The sunlight can improve your deficiency of vitamin D.

Imbalance of hormone

You can experience the hormonal imbalance problem at the age of after 30 and it may be your hair fall cause. Excessive conversion of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) can be the reason for your hair fall. Especially for women, the production of the main hormone is estrogen and testosterone and other kinds of androgens like DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) also present in their body. After the certain age of women, the other kinds of androgens start to convert into the form of DHT which causes hair fall.

Problems in the thyroid gland

The location of the thyroid gland is the front part of the neck and this gland helps to produce an excessive amount or less amount of thyroxin hormone which can affect the growth cycle of yourhair. Due to your thyroid problems, you can experience hair loss including the sensitivity of hot or cold, weight loss or gain and make changes for your heart rate.

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Taking pills of birth control

If you take the pills for the birth control, you can have the problem for hair loss. The reason is that the pills contain the hormones which help to suppress the procedure of ovulation can affect your hair to make thin, especially, when the family history of women includes hair loss problem. Due to a sudden stop for taking pills can cause your hair loss. Some kinds of medicines are used for some diseases like heart diseases, depression, high blood pressure, and arthritis.

Hormonal imbalance for PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)

Due to hormonal imbalance for PCOS can produce a high level of androgens than the normal amount. This can cause the growth of hair on your face. Some problems like weight gain, acne, and improper ovulation can cause due to the problem of PCOS.

Extreme stress

Sometimes, extreme stress can be the reason for your hair loss. Meditation, physical exercise, and massages will help you to decrease your stress and your hair loss problem will be solved.

Using products for hair styling

Sometimes, using of dyes and some styling products which contain toxic chemicals can cause your hair fall problem. Most of the shampoos contain SLS (Sodium lauryl sulfate) which creates a toxic effect on your immunity power. It also corrodes your hair follicles and makes disturbance for your hair growth. The natural shampoo can be the best option to control your hair fall.

Ketomac 2% shampoo provides help to treat the yeast and fungal infections. It belongs to the azole anti-fungal drug group. The medicated shampoo helps to prevent the different types of fungal growth including the disruption of the membranous production surrounded the fungal cells. You can use Ketomac shampoo hair loss and fungal infection problems.

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