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Attain The Perfect Smile With Headgear Braces

When a patient’s lower and upper jaw and teeth are dislodged, the look of their dental formula becomes scary and smiling becomes a nuisance.  Overbites and underbites become common problems and you longer enjoy eating. Aligning an already displaced jaw or teeth has its downsides. Only professional orthodontists who have the right tools in place can help remedy a misaligned jaw in no time.  One of the most common devices used in the alignment of misaligned jaws and teeth is headgear braces.  Let’s have a look at the many ways in which using headgear braces can help perfect your smile.

What Really Is a Headgear Brace?

A headgear brace is an externally applied device that exerts a certain amount of force on the misaligned jaw and teeth to trigger their growth. They are highly selective choices of orthodontic devices that are used to align teeth and jaws that are impossible to correct with traditional braces and brackets.  They are made up of wires that have the power to engage the mouth both outside and inside so they feel a bit scary when on your mouth.

What Are Their Uses

Headgear braces come in a variety of options that work in different ways. The retraction headgear is constructed such that it can efficiently retract the upper jaw while the protraction headgear aids to works in moving forward the upper jaw while stabilizing and guiding the lower jaw. The treatment option is solely dependent on the personal needs and preferences of the patient.  These choices of treatments are ideal for young adults and kids since they perform best when the jaw of the patient is still growing.

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How Are Headgear Braces Fitted

Headgear braces come in two common formats. The facebow option includes a strap that fits well on your neck back and includes a wire that attaches perfects to the front braces of your teeth.  The J hook option, on the other hand, includes straps and braces that fit perfectly well over your neck and head.   The time taken for you to heal depends solely on how misaligned or crowded the lower or upper jaws of the patient are as well as how precisely the patient adheres to the given usage instructions.

Headgear braces should be worn following the set user instructions and guidelines for them to deliver optimum results. For instance, it is highly recommended that you remove them before you go to bed, start eating, engaging in sports or any other activity that would require your body to be active.  Visiting your dental hygienist and dentist quite often is crucial as it gives them ample time to access how well your teeth and jaws respond to the treatment and address the issue more professionally when necessary.  Also, it is highly recommended you take proper care of your teeth and jaw by brushing often and using the right products for rinsing the mouth and protecting your teeth from bacteria and hidden dirt particles.  If you keenly follow the given instructions, you can have the surety of attaining quality and awesome smile once the treatment is complete.

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