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Benefits of Getting Single-Tooth Dental Implants

There are usually two major reasons for why people lose teeth. The first is losing a tooth due to some kind of physical injury or accident. The second major reason for losing a teeth is due to gum problems. But you don’t need not panic if you have a missing tooth, as you can consider getting single-tooth implants. Researchers have concluded that more than 50% of people lost their teeth due to gum problems or due to the consumption of sweets or junk food. Tooth implants not only replaces your missing tooth with a new tooth but also maintain your jawbone. Some of the benefits of single-tooth implants are discussed below:

  •    Improve your appearance: When you lose a tooth you may feel embarrassed and ugly. Dental implants can help you look fresh and confident as they are permanently fixed and look so real.
  •    More comfortable: After getting a single-tooth implant, you will feel more comfortable because the implants are permanently fixed and allow you to eat any foods you enjoyed before the tooth loss.

  •    Confident Speech: With single-tooth dental implants your speech is not affected, as it would be if you got dentures. If you got poor-fitting dentures, you could have difficulty talking intelligibly and instead mumble words. Dental implant treatment gives you a feeling of confidence in your speech.
  •    Easier Chewing: Dentures can make the eating of certain foods difficult, while single tooth implants allow you to chew food easier. This means you can eat you all favorite food without any hassle and embarrassment, as well as without any pain.
  •    Longevity: Since single-tooth dental implants are permanently fixed, they can last a lifetime. With proper maintenance, you won’t need to replace your implant because it is fixed with a screw to the roots of the tooth.

When Should You Consider Dental Implants?

Single-tooth implants are an option for those people who have lost their one or more teeth. Dental implants require surgery in which the implant is fixed to jawbone. The implant acts as a new root for the crown — which replaces your missing tooth and thus looks like a natural tooth. To get implants, you must have enough bone in your jaw and the bone must be strong enough to hold the implant. If there is not enough bone or if it is not strong enough, then bone can be added in a process called bone augmentation.

The Dental Implant Process

The exact process of implantation depends upon a lot of factors. In the traditional method, it takes a very long time for the implantation. If the implant is in the lower jaw, the procedure requires a minimum of 5 months, while it requires at least six months for the upper jaw. In the traditional method, two procedures are needed. In the first, the implant is placed by making a small incision in the gum. In the second procedure a new incision is made to expose the implant and add the crown. There are newer techniques today in which dentists can complete the entire process in just one visit.

Single-tooth implants have become a regular procedure in dentistry. Even though patients have several different options for replacing their missing tooth, the dental implant is most safe and reliable.

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