MCTs: The Little Fat With Big Benefits

Whether you have heard others speaking about their morning bulletproof coffee or new ketogenic diet plan, you have probably heard MCTs mentioned. If you’re curious about the health and wellness benefits of these unconventional fats, read on to see how MCTs can have a positive impact on your lifestyle.

What are MCTs?

MCTs are also known as medium-chain triglycerides, and they are saturated fats that are typically found in foods like coconuts. When using them in a diet, they come in both solid and liquid forms like Numedica MCT Oil. This versatility of MCTs allows them to be used in ways ranging from a teaspoon of oil added to your coffee in place of creamer to mixing the solid form into your morning smoothie. While adding more fats to your diet was once believed to be counterproductive, research is starting to show that MCTs are more beneficial because they do not act like other saturated fats when used by our bodies.

Benefits of MCTs

For years, doctors have used MCTs for patients with inflammatory issues or conditions that did not allow their intestines to absorb nutrients properly. MCTs are still serving this purpose in the medical world, but studies have shown benefits in other areas including:

  • Weight Loss – MCTs have fewer calories and are broken down easier than other fats for increased energy
  • Hunger Satisfaction – MCTs have been shown to regulate hormones that control appetite so that you feel fuller longer
  • Exercise Performance – MCTs have been shown to decrease lactic acid buildup in muscles during exercise which can improve your stamina
  • Brain Performance – MCTs can cross easier into the brain for increases cognition abilities

A slim waist is not the only benefit of adding MCTs to your diet. These healthy fats can help get you on the path to improved overall health and wellness.

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