A Guide to Anti-Gravity Treadmills

When you think of zero gravity, you likely think of space. You probably don’t imagine treadmills, but anti-gravity treadmills are becoming a popular commodity in gyms and physical therapy centers alike. Before you decide if they’ll meet your needs, it helps to understand what they are.

How They Work

Anti-gravity treadmills use a technology known as Differential Air Pressure. The technology allows you to step into a giant air bubble, which then adjusts to your body weight and counteracts the forces of gravity. The treadmill is considered ideal because you can use it with as little as 20 percent of your body weight or as much as 100 percent. This makes it an excellent option for people who are recovering from injuries and need to slowly build to using their full weight again.

Anti-Gravity for Injuries

Anti-gravity treadmills are used for a variety of injuries. Most commonly, runners use them to maintain their exercise routines while recovering from injuries. Lifting weight off the body while running removes the stress that can cause knee, ankle, or foot injuries, such as stress fractures, to become worse. These treadmills are useful for other types of injuries as well, though. Hospitals and physical therapy practices also use them to assist patients who are re-learning to walk after having a stroke or another neurological disorder.

Anti-Gravity for Weight Loss

Anti-gravity treadmills are also excellent choices for people who are interested in losing weight. The treadmills allow the person to find a comfortable body weight to work out with, reduces the risk of joint pain and injury, and allows the exerciser to overcome stiffness issues. People can often work out for longer and travel further when using this type of treadmill. To find an anti-gravity session near you, simply search for Alter G locations.

Of course, the big question is “does it work?” Scientists agree that the treadmills do reduce impact on the lower back and joints, making it a good choice for people interested in better cardiovascular fitness. However, they also agree that more research is required to determine effectiveness when compared to traditional treadmills. Even so, if you need an easier way to work out, anti-gravity treadmills are an excellent choice.

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