Read a good food blog to try new foods

People all around the world are crazy for spicy and rich food. There is now some online platform where there is lot of scope for creativity and innovation. Given most of the cooks are also natural ones and their passion makes them cross all hurdles and takes the much ahead in their future as wellRead More

For hot Sauce Lovers

In case there’s one industrious when all is said in done cooking, it’s that people wherever all through the world like hot sustenance. Besides, sustenance social demands over the world have considered interminable ways to deal with oversee dry, squash, smoke, pickle, saline arrangement, and confit chilies into fixings, making hot sauces that give dishesRead More

How does halal certification works?

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The term “Halal” has derived from the Arabic language. The real meaning of Halal in terms of Arabic language is “permissible”. The Muslim society follows this as they are very particular about their religion and duties. They have to follow the rules while buying any product or maintain any company. The halal certifications are justRead More


Classic Vietnamese Drinks to Quench Your Thirst

Vietnamese cuisine is well known for their healthy delicious dishes but they are also famous for their classic thirst quenching drinks. Some of their drinks are strong, some are mild but all are delicious and refreshing. These drinks are very accessible even on the streets. You can stop by for a quick drink to quenchRead More