How to Manage Migraine Attacks Better

Did you know that a healthy lifestyle and the right eating habits could prevent the occurrence or intensity of migraine headaches? Migraine is a common neurological condition that affects 38 million US citizens and another one billion in the world. Studies reveal that six percent of American men, 18 percent of women, and 10 percentRead More

The revolutionary benefits of Defibrillator

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The defibrillator is important equipment that has been used in the treatment of life-threatening ailments that affect the functioning of our Heart. A defibrillator is used for treating ventricular failures, pulseless ventricular tachycardia, and cardiac arrhythmia. The defibrillator uses the method of giving electric shocks to the heart which causes the heart muscle to depolarize.Read More


Amazing facts about cannabis

In this world, the truth is mixed with misconceptions, myths and gossips always. When it is being passed to the people, the details will get altered accordingly. This can be done in many cases. Especially it is done in the case of the cannabis. There are lots of misconceptions and myths surround the concept ofRead More

What to Do if you Experienced Medical Negligence

No one intentionally does something that results in another person suffering, especially not in a medical environment, yet it does happen. Human beings are not infallible and sometimes a small thing like failing to notice a condition, could have serious consequences for the patient. Often, people that have suffered as a result of medical neglectRead More

The Benefits of a Non-Surgical Threadlift for Your Nose

It is true that modern beauty standards promote a sharp, tall, and pointed nose over a nose that is short, flat, or wide. There are a number of methods, such as invasive rhinoplasty procedures, available for reshaping your nose into a shape you prefer. Another way is to consider the option of dermal fillers injectedRead More

How Elderly Patients Can Benefit from Physiotherapy

As people get older, failing health or chronic diseases like osteoarthritis can take a toll on their bodies and affect their mobility. They may be unsteady on their feet, joints easily stiffening, and it can be difficult to walk without using a cane or walker. Fortunately, seniors can be helped with physiotherapy, which can assistRead More

Being a mother is a choice!

Being a mother

Pregnancy is a very important decision in a woman’s life. Remember, it is a choice that a woman takes and not a compulsion or a forced thing that they need to do once they are married. These days even if women marry early they choose to become a mother much later. There are many instancesRead More